About Carol & Roger

What are you looking for when you choose someone to prepare your taxes or represent you to the IRS?

Imagine if ….

….your tax preparer knew you as a person rather than as a stack of paper with numbers.
….your tax preparer had year-round office hours and you could call year-round with a question.
…. your tax preparer stood behind their work.
…. your tax preparer had earned the IRS’s highest credential and then gone beyond to study further.
…. your tax preparer focused on the ever-changing tax law and regulations year-round, and not just the few months before April 15.
…. your tax preparer already had prior experience in your type of personal or business situation and was adept at researching the current tax law and regulations.
…. you handed your tax documents to a person you had confidence would prepare a correct return with the best possible tax liability owed.
…. your tax preparer had the credentials to represent you before the IRS, even for tax returns they did not prepare themselves.

Carol and Roger Calhoon are the tax preparers you have been seeking.

Carol and Roger Calhoon work as a team. Carol’s decades of experience engaging  with people with a wide range of tax and business issues are complemented by Roger’s research and analytical bent and experience operating a business. In addition, Carol has sought out staff with skills in bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation to most efficiently and cost-effectively fill the needs of our clients.

Carol Calhoon, EA
Carol Calhoon, EA

After working in accounting and management for several companies Carol assisted a CPA with tax preparation and accounting until he retired. In 2000 Carol achieved status as an Enrolled Agent to better serve her tax clients. Carol purchased part of the CPA’s tax practice and set up her own practice in 2005. Many of those clients remain with her today. She went on to enroll in the National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) and became a Fellow in 2007. Carol has helped hundreds of clients both with simple to complex personal taxes and with many different businesses from from start-up to dissolution.

Roger Calhoon photo
Roger Calhoon, EA

While Roger has assisted Carol with her tax practice over the years, he gained his experience with business from the inside. Roger earned a Ph.D. in BioPhysics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and served as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School before his first career as a bench scientist in biotech. More recently, for 16 years he operated the South 47 Farm and Dr. Maze’s Farm, a pumpkin patch and corn maze. In 2016 Roger committed to joining Carol’s tax practice full time. He was awarded his Enrolled Agent certificate in 2016 and became an NTPI Fellow in 2017.

We realize that you entrust us with a lot of personal information that you disclose to few others. We work to earn your trust. Without your trust and willingness to share your financial details we cannot work together to prepare a complete and proper tax return that will withstand an IRS audit.

We are committed to personal service, integrity, and a high level of mastery and proficiency so we can provide the best possible outcome in your tax return.

If you want to talk, give us a call:

Carol (425) 885-3215
Roger (425) 885-4357

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